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2016 Presidential Election Score Card

Trying to decide who to vote for in 2016? Our scorecard can help identify which candidates are best for evidence-based health policy.

We are pleased to present our 2016 Presidential Election scorecard. The policies upon which we have rated the candidates are derived from Dr. which suggests there are 5 key healthcare issues at play this year:

  • Prescription drug prices
  • Consumers’ issues with health insurance
  • Gun violence and Mental Health
  • Value in health care
  • The future of the Cadillac Tax

See how the candidates stack-up when it comes to pursuing evidence-based health policies!



Based on a standardized ranking where +100 means the candidate’s policies align 100% with ours and -100 means the candidate’s policies perfectly oppose ours, the candidates can be ranked as follows:

Clinton +56
Trump +16

Notes: Updated April 12, 2016

Vidya Eswaran, MD
About Vidya Eswaran, MD

Dr. Eswaran is an Emergency Medicine Resident at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. She received her medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine. Follow her on Twitter @vidyaeswaran. She has contributed to Policy Prescriptions® since 2014. Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | More Posts