Meaningful Quality

The era of meaningful use of information technology has begun in medicine yet is still in its infancy. As electronic health records evolve alongside quality reporting, many expect health care to become safer and more effective. The of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology is … Continue reading

Hospital at Home

An “Innovation Profile” of the Hospital at Home® program describes the potential cost savings and clinical improvements associated with keeping select patients with acute care episodes in the community. Hospital at Home®, a model developed at Johns Hopkins University … Continue reading

Law and Ointment

Overall HIV seroprevalence reported by the 50 state prison systems was 4.5 times as high as that for the general United States population.   Correctional facilities indeed provide access to primary care and prevention services for a good number of persons otherwise without access.  For … Continue reading

What increases access?

Although the Affordable Care Act will grant Medicaid to nearly 17 million new enrollees, new research suggests that  supply-side reforms are needed to ensure adequate access to health care for both public and private paying patients. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) approaches … Continue reading

Derangements of the Heart

Despite worry from medical schools and organized medicine, some scholars doubt that physician shortages are real phenomenon. Instead, issues of access to care can be blamed on maldistribution of physicians and specialists. With the increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease and obesity, the … Continue reading