To privatize or not to privatize?

As the business of health care continues to evolve, so does the strategic structuring of many health care organizations across the nation. With diminishing funds from local or state governments, reductions in Medicare and Medicaid payments, and intensifying competition, many public hospitals are … Continue reading

Medicaid DSH cuts won’t impact quality

This study provided weak evidence to suggest an association between net Medicaid DSH payments and hospital quality of care. Its results suggest an inelastic response to declining Medicaid DSH payments. Of the 9-quality measures that were created, there showed larger reductions in DSH payments … Continue reading

To scan or not to scan

As medical imaging is becoming more powerful and readily available, we are seeing increasing utilization across all fields of medicine. These advancements in technology have undoubtedly aided in the advancement of disease diagnosis. However, skyrocketing healthcare costs have caused many to … Continue reading