Less is More: HIE Prevents Repeat Tests

Health Information Exchange (HIE) lets doctors see all of their patients’ records online, no matter where patients choose to go for care. If a patient has a doctor they really like in one hospital, but wants their labs drawn and prescriptions filled at a more convenient location in their … Continue reading

Looking to Massachusetts for Answers

in 2006 served as a model for the (ACA), and many policy experts are closely following the state to estimate what we can expect with the ACA. One important question to policymakers and the public is whether the ACA will decrease emergency department (ED) visits. A new study published in … Continue reading

States opt for lower smoking fees

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows insurance companies to charge smokers up to 50% higher premiums than nonsmokers. However, this study found that most insurance companies are charging much less than the 50% maximum surcharge allowed. All states included in the study offer at least one … Continue reading

EDs Are Profitable, But Just Barely

Wilson and Cutler analyzed several large databases to calculate the profit margin for all 120 million ED visits in the United States in 2009. The numbers for Medicare patients were real; the numbers for Medicaid and the uninsured were estimated. Patients with private insurance (35% of … Continue reading

Can telemedicine save money?

This study capitalized on a natural experiment: A company that owned several nursing homes in Massachusetts decided to invest in telemedicine, technology that allows patients and doctors two-way communication via videoconferencing. To study its effects, researchers convinced the company to … Continue reading