‘Have it your way’ medicine

Seekers of acute care have a plethora of choices - primary care offices, retail clinics, free clinics, and even emergency departments. For the sake of convenience, many choose the emergency department over all other options. As someone who indulges in the occasional fast food run, I’ll never … Continue reading

Expanding Access in Massachusetts

Governor Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts health reforms appear to have provided expanded coverage as well as expanded access to care in this study of elective surgeries. However, disparities may still persist for Blacks.  As , analyzing the health care reforms accomplished in … Continue reading

Is it worth it?

The United States consistently spends more than other nations on health care and is rewarded by the World Health Organization as having the #37 health care system. But is the money spent worth it? In the case of cancer care, the answer is yes. It’s nice to finally be on the winning team of … Continue reading

Healthy Bones

Did changes in reimbursement for bone density tests affect the likelihood that women on Medicare received appropriate screening? If so, the question must be raised: when screening is recommended, how much to pay? After the extensive media hype surrounding the change in the United States … Continue reading