Scrambling to rescue ACO’s

Health care systems such as the Mayo and Cleveland clinics  - which are organized the way policy makers envision accountable care organizations - initially balked at the rules proposed by CMS. Now, the rules have changed. After receiving a significant amount of feedback about the initial proposed … Continue reading

An Optimal Physician Payment System

The researchers at Harvard have really done it this time!  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, they release a study on…typology. Ty-pol-o-gy: [tahy-pol-uh-jee] noun. a systematic classification or study of types. Harvard researchers classified 'types' in this study; … Continue reading

Market Concentration Affects Cost-Shifts

Hospitals have been largely thought to shift costs among public and private payers to offset costs. New research reveals that the ability to conduct such cost-shifting is also related to the competitive nature of a hospital’s community. It is a commonly accepted phenomenon that hospitals are … Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan

Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) plan for Medicare would save costs to the federal government at the expense of senior citizens by fundamentally restructuring this defined benefit entitlement to a defined contribution. Is it good or bad? Ask the voters. You know the name Paul Ryan (R-WI), but you’re … Continue reading

Coordinated Care: Show me the money!

Policy makers are scrambling to find ways to reduce the cost of health care. One mechanism, converting a fee-for-service system to a prospective payment system, faces uphill battles at home and abroad. Proposed changes in health care delivery and financing, such as accountable care organizations … Continue reading