P4P: One review to rule them all

The body of literature remains mixed on P4P programs. Evidence that it is overtly effective remains elusive but would be so...precious...to policy makers. Pay for performance (P4P) continues to expand as a way to incentivize health care quality and efficiency in the US, the UK, and select … Continue reading

Consumer-directed health care

Consumer-Directed Health Plans have increased in popularity but are only marginally helpful. Consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) intend to control costs by shifting the financial risk of health care decision-making from payers to patients.  CDHPs require consumers to enroll in a high … Continue reading

Convenient Clinics

  The landscape of the health system in the United States is changing to offer patients improved access to care beyond the traditional doctor's office or emergency room visit. The advancing popularity of retail clinics provides patients a choice when the need for immediate care arises. … Continue reading

Gaming the System

Process measures for quality are subject to unintended consequences such as system gaming. As we have seen in diabetes care, this quality measure for bronchitis appears to have been manipulated by clinicians as well. Conventional wisdom backed by extensive data attributes the over prescription of … Continue reading