Naturalize to Stay Alive

Social determinants possess a tremendous impact on health outcomes. A Belgian study shows the correlation between perinatal death and immigration status. It serves as clarion call to US health and immigration policy makers. Disparities in neonatal mortality and pregnancy outcomes among immigrants … Continue reading

Everyone Enters the Health Care Market

Next week, the Supreme Court will begin deliberation as to whether or not citizens of the United States can be required to purchase health insurance. If constitutional, health care will no longer be voluntary but a duty of citizenship. With the “minimum essential coverage requirement” of the … Continue reading

HPV Vaccine: A License to Thrill?

While some debate the political wisdom of mandating HPV vaccination of young girls, the science is clear. The vaccines are safe, reduce the burden of a disease that infects 6 million women annually, and do not promote promiscuity. Human papilloma virus (HPV), the virus that causes cervical cancer, … Continue reading