Newly Eligible Cost 21% Less to Cover

“We can’t afford it” is a common objection to expanding access to health care in the United States. The obvious rebuttal proclaims that we can’t afford not to expand given the costs associated with being uninsured. Either way, policy makers need to have good information regarding how much … Continue reading

That’s where the money is

When asked why he robbed banks, the famous robber Wille Sutton supposedly said: “Because that’s where the money is.” End-of-life medical spending has long attracted attention from healthcare policymakers for the same reason. Medicare spends a quarter of its budget on people in their last year … Continue reading

Leapfrog Measures Show Grade Inflation

Quantifying hospital performance has become an increasingly important trend. One of the pioneers was The Leapfrog Group, who introduced a self-reported Safe Practice Score (SPS) for hospitals in 2004. Since then, measures of hospital quality have proliferated, including mandatory reports like … Continue reading

Reducing Never Events is no Easy Task

The Hospital-Acquired Condition—Present on Admission (HAC-POA) program of 2008 was one of the first federal initiatives to reduce hospital payments on the basis of adverse events. It prevents hospitals from being reimbursed by Medicare for the treatment of certain hospital-acquired … Continue reading