Continuity of care in resident clinics

Clinicians, policy makers, and the literature agree that continuity of care is ideal for a healthy America. How well do teaching hospital clinics, which often have a revolving door of resident physicians, perform on this and quality? Teaching hospitals are a vital part of the United States’ … Continue reading

Will the Affordable Care Act kill jobs?

Many public policy decisions have impacts distant from their original intent. Public expansion of health insurance has often been associated with alterations in the labor force. So does the Affordable Care Act kill jobs or save them? For many in the labor force, health insurance is regarded as a … Continue reading

The Ballot or the Wallet

Voting is one of the quintessential aspects of citizenship in the United States. Yet, on average, fewer than one in two physicians casts a vote in America. Physicians cast a ballot significantly less often than the general public or lawyers. The 2012 election cycle has become one of the most … Continue reading

Expanding Kids’ Coverage

Public health insurance programs such as Medicaid and CHIP have successfully improved coverage for low-income children and adults. Evidence remains mixed as to the actual health outcomes achieved through these programs. As the time draws near for the complete enactment and execution of the … Continue reading

Shared Responsibility

Cost sharing schemes can reduce over-utilization of health care services. Implementation of copays in the Alabama CHIP program demonstrated savings when patients and taxpayers shared the responsibility to pay for care. The passage of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and the … Continue reading