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Health reform

A Policy Prescription for 2009

As a new dawn embraces the United States of America, President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress face several seemingly insurmountable challenges.  The armed forces are divided between two wars, the economy is in shambles, and the [...]

January 1, 2009 // 2 Comments

Is There a Doctor in the House? . . . Or the Senate?

Given the fervor of our most recent election, we reviewed a JAMA article published in 2004 highlighting the decreasing role and influence of physicians and surgeons in politics despite the increasing proportion of the GDP (16%) devoted to health [...]

December 1, 2008 // 0 Comments

A Step in the Right Direction

Copyright / The Charlotte Observer (All Rights Reserved) As Election Day approaches, our health care system is a major domestic issue, second only behind the economy(1). The Bush Administration should be applauded for providing prescription drug [...]

October 28, 2008 // 3 Comments

Health Reform in Massachusetts – One Year Later

This study examines the effects on insurance status and access to care of the recently implemented health care reforms in Massachusetts. Data from this study comes from random sampling of nearly 3,000 people in the fall preceding implementation and [...]

September 1, 2008 // 0 Comments

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