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Pay for Performance (P4P)

Using Pay for Performance to Promote Smoking Cessation

This randomized, unblinded clinical trial sought to determine if a financial incentive program could encourage clinicians to refer smokers to a Tobacco Quit Line. The unit of study was the individual health clinic; all clinics were a part of a [...]

November 15, 2008 // 1 Comment

(Non)Pay for (Non)Performance

A recent Perspective in the New England Journal of Medicine explores Medicare’s plan to cease payments for 8 conditions – often reported as secondary diagnoses upon hospital discharge – that should never occur. Among these include: (1) [...]

November 1, 2007 // 2 Comments

Medicare’s Pay-for-Performance Experiment

Pay for performance (P4P), a model of rewarding and punishing health care providers based on the quality of care delivered to patients, was recommended by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) in spring [...]

June 1, 2006 // 0 Comments

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