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“OP/notes” (formerly “Prescriptions”) are opinions and editorials by the Policy Prescriptions ® staff. Topics covered in OP/notes have included calls for expansion of health coverage for veterans and discussed controversies surrounding the political debates regarding abortion, mammography, and the individual health insurance mandate.


 A Policy Prescriptions for 2013

My prescription for health reform expands on the themes of tax reform, Medicaid, and physicians’ annual adventures with their own congressionally imposed fiscal cliff.


2013 Affordable Care Act Update

The Affordable Care Act will implement several important provisions in 2013. Among these changes include: tax changes, Medicaid payments, and uncompensated care.


2012 Year in Review

A four-part summary of the year’s best evidence-based health policy research. Part 1 discusses access to care. Part 2 explores quality and alternative sites of care. Part 3 covers the health policy implications of various public health measures. Part 4 digests the evidence surrounding health care costs and looks forward toward 2013.

How do we solve a problem like health care reform?

A preview of the 2012 Election, we endorse Barack Obama as he will continue to champion necessary changes to the American health care system. Additional reforms for Medicare and Medicaid are discussed. Published on The Grio November 1, 2012.

The Next Steps to Universal Health Care

The Affordable Care Act begins the transformation of the American health care system to one similar to some European nations. However six major reforms are necessary to achieve universal health care within a rational and efficient health care system. Published as an Op-Ed in The Baltimore Sun.

Obama and Romney surprisingly similar on health


For as much as Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama may differ on economic solutions for the country, their views on health care are strikingly similar. However, a few key differences distinguish the two men. Published as an Op-Ed in The Baltimore Sun.

A Policy Prescription for 2012

Two years after the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, opponents and proponents are destined to collide in the Supreme Court. The controversy surrounding health reform, if not decisively determined by the Court, will certainly impact the upcoming elections. Others issues – accountable care organizations, bundled payments, and alternative health reform plans of the Republican presidential candidates – will also define 2012.


Let Him Die!

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul if society should let an uninsured man in need of expensive intensive care die, a startling number of audience members screamed out in the affirmative.

Beyond the Individual Mandate

An OP/note published in The Baltimore Sun on August 25, 2011. It details options policy makers might use to encourage health insurance uptake if the individual mandate – a lynchpin of the Affordable Care Act – is ruled unconstitutional.

Honoring our Veterans

We recommend expanding access to the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers to ALL veterans in order to eliminate the nearly 2 million uninsured veterans across the country.

A Policy Prescription for 2011

Our blueprint for structuring a multi-payer universal health care system in the United States begins with crafting solutions to age-old problems: defining basic benefits, fixing medical malpractice, and redesigning physician payment.


When Politics Trumps Science

The United States Preventive Services Task Force has new powers granted to them by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; these powers make every decision made by the independent panel subject to intense political scrutiny. Published in The Baltimore Sun.

Reform left-overs make for tasty election issue

Two main issues were left out of the health reforms of 2010 – medical malpractice and physician payments under Medicare.

The Truce Between Life and Death

A rebuttal to the Heritage Foundation’s appraisal that the new health reform law (and the subsequent Executive Order) violates the spirit of the Hyde Amendment preventing the Federal funding of abortion services.

Life After Health Reform

Some advocates are taking the time to celebrate passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Younger reformers should begin to think about the next step.

A Policy Prescription for 2010

Five prescriptions for creating a universal health care system uniquely tailored to the needs and peculiarities of Americans.


A Policy Prescription for 2009

Seven prescriptions for health reform in 2009.


A Step in the Right Direction

Our opinion comparing the health care proposals of the 2008 candidates for president: Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. An abridged version appeared in the Charlotte Observer